To begin the application process please fill out the feasibility enquiry form on this page.

The ADP team realise that, in order to change lives, the first step is to carry out the research. We have designed our application process to be as efficient and user-friendly as possible so that we can get your project started quickly and smoothly. A breakdown of our application process is shown below.

The researcher fills out the Feasibility Enquiry Form

The ADP team will contact the researcher to discuss the project in full and a contract will be signed by the researcher, a member of the ADP team, a member of SAIL. Once funding is secured the IGRP process can start.

The researcher needs to undertake Safe Researcher Training before project commences

The researcher fills out the application form accessible only through the user account
Guidance Notes

The application form is sent for internal review

Following internal approval, the application form is sent for external review. A decision will be agreed on within a maximum of 42 days

The researcher is notified of the outcome of the review

The researcher uploads the Safe Researcher Training certificate in preparation for Gateway access

A Data Access agreement is generated and must be filled and sent back by the researcher

Once all has been approved, the researcher receives Gateway access details and the project can commence

If an application to use the ADP is approved, the applicant will need to show appropriate Information Governance training before they are granted access to the data.

The ADP currently accepts the following training course:

MRC’s Research, GDPR and confidentiality – what you really need to know

We will accept a certificate of completion for the accompanying quiz accessible here.

NB - If you have already undertaken Information Governance Training that covers similar topics to the above course you will be asked to provide the course content with your application.

Information Governance training must be current. You must update your training every three years. If expiry of your training certificate occurs within the time period of your study, you will need to renew this training.