Our Data

The Adolescent Mental Health Data Platform is an international platform which provides robust secure storage and use of anonymised person-based data for research to understand mental health problems and support children and young people. Providing access to this data offers the potential to identify patterns across a range of populations providing a wider perspective in mental health. The Platform provides access to a variety of different datasets that researchers will be able to link with through technology used within our platform to perform research.

The types of data held within the Adolescent Mental Health Data Platform include:

Work With Us

The Adolescent Mental Health Data Platform is capable of storing your datasets, allowing you to link with the datasets already available in the Platform and providing further opportunities for research. You can also choose to make your data available to other Platform researchers. This will help add breadth to the data available and make the ADP a richer resource for the research community to benefit society. Sharing can be subject to your own governance arrangements and custom data sharing agreement with us.

If you have data that you would like to bring into our Platform, please contact us.

To learn more about the wide range of data which we store or have access to please get in touch with our research team by emailing contact@adolescentmentalhealth.uk